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Crafting garments with soul

Here at SABINA SÖDERBERG, I am the one who makes your clothes. I love it and wouldn't do it any other way. Every little step from plain canvas to a finished garment is made in our studio.

Once upon a time, the making of clothing was a real craftsmanship that involved specialized workers cutting patterns, hand-sewing and putting on buttons one by one. Clothing was considered as pieces of art and very precious. Garments were passed down through families and amended to fit the new owners. And of course no one would ever dream of throwing clothing away after a few wears. Today, the beautiful tradition of hand-sewing clothes have been lost through fast fashion, with cheap labour and synthetic fabrics.

SABINA SÖDERBERG stands for slow fashion and brings back the craftsmanship of making beautiful garments where the goal is not only to create something as individual as the wearer, but also to revive lost traditions. I want to encourage people to understand the value of their garments; the amount of research behind each print, the effort put into getting the best fit and quality, the number of hours taken to sew a garment.

Every SABINA SÖDERBERG item is designed and manufactured in our studio in Singapore. My Scandinavian heritage is essential to the design process, and I only work with natural fabrics and the best quality finishings on each piece. Our collections let the colourful art on the garments take the attention and each print is hand-drawn in the studio, exclusive for the brand. SABINA SÖDERBERG stands for effortlessly beautiful and easy-to-wear items for the modern-day woman who chooses quality over quantity. I put a lot of effort into the fit of every item and the pieces are designed to be flexible, comfortable and striking. A feeling like they can do it all, just like the woman who wears them.

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