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A wedding dress is perhaps the most carefully chosen dress a woman will ever wear. We help you design and create the perfect wedding dress for your magical and special day. BESPOKE BY SABINA SÖDERBERG  are always looking for something unique, but the most important element is the quality. Our wedding dresses are exquisitely executed from the finest tulles, silks and laces crafted and applied by hand.

We see it as a work of art.

When designing and creating a bridal gown, I don't look at trends or style forecasts - it is important to me to look at the individual client as muse. Hearing the brides story and vision gives me the opportunity to look at design through their eyes and see what's important to them, which helps me to create the dream dress for that very important day in a woman’s life. When a bride is wearing a BESPOKE BY SABINA SÖDERBERG dress and walk towards that mirror, we want her to love what's looking back at her.

- Sabina Söderberg, Creative Director

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Elegant and unique options for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom.


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ones’ wedding day.

Photo: @samueldockerphotography

We had the honor to make the wedding dress for Anna. The wedding took place at the beautiful island Gotland in Sweden. The weather was perfect with over 20 degrees and the ceremony took place outside in the grass decorated with white chairs, pastel pink flower arrangements and had the most incredible view over the fields surrounding them...

Photo: @samueldockerphotography

-  Anna & Trent  -


Gotland, Sweden

Photo: @samueldockerphotography