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The collection offers clean cut shirts with thin collars and pleat details as well as printed coats in amazing soft fabrics. As we know, the brand’s signature style is to wear all printed outfits and this season you will match skinny leg trousers with oversized wadded jackets in biker style, all in colourful prints. This season's prints were inspired by today's fast-paced digital world. The digital age has enabled us to move faster in lots of ways. And because we can, we do. Today we connect with each-other more and more digitally, but in fact we are becoming more disconnected to reality. Maybe once in a while, we might benefit if we would slow down and use the same kind of planning and thoughtfulness that was forced upon us by the constraints of analog.


ROSITA SHIRT - Dreamer // VOL. 3 

ANITA SHIRT - CloudWhite // VOL. 3

OLIVIA PANTS - Eyeillusion // VOL. 3 

MARIA DRESS - DrippinWhite // VOL. 3 

ROSITA SHIRT - Drippinwhite // VOL. 3 

TERESE JUMPER - Dreamer // VOL. 3 

EVA COAT - DrippinWhite // VOL. 3 

OLIVIA PANTS - Eyeillusion // VOL. 3