Inspired by the broad-leafed jungle in the heart of Brazil, our VOL. 4 collection shows bright colours and a selection of tropical florals and leaves.

There are over 40 000 plant species in the rainforest and we have chosen the exotic singing orchid “Orchidaceae cantus” as a main flower throughout the collection. The bold prints were inspired by the bright colours from deep inside the jungle. Other sources of inspiration for this season’s prints were woodgrains, bark from trees and the texture of exotic florals. Key words for the shapes in the collection is soft and relaxed.



HELENA DRESS - PinkAbstract // VOL. 4

BRITA COAT - Cerise // VOL. 4

ALICE DRESS - GreenAbstract // VOL.4

JESSICA CULOTTES - FloralForest // VOL. 4 

ALICE DRESS - GreenAbstract // VOL. 4 

ANNA SHIRT - Floralforest // VOL. 4

EBBA SHIRT - GreenAbstract // VOL. 4

ELSA TOP - PinkAbstract // VOL. 4

BRITA COAT - Cerise // VOL. 4 


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