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Inspired by the late Victorian era and the beautiful Herero tribe of Namibia in Africa, dressed in flowing Victorian gowns and headdresses. I describe the Victorian era as romantic and mystic in regard to social values and arts, and these are the keywords for the collection. I came across  an amazing tribe in Namibia called "The Herero People". The story of Herero clothing is extraordinary. The men, women and children are taking part in a modern re-enactment of their peoples' bloody history from the war with Namibia's German colonisers.  The german army was beaten by the South African - but, once liberated, the Herero tribe members claimed the military uniform of dead German soldiers. Herero women also affected the styles and the airs and graces of the Christian missionary ladies who had come among them in the 1890s. The clothes the Herero choose to wear are a permanent reminder of the great scar gashed in the tribe's history when they came close to being exterminated.